Simple Tricks to Keep Your Dog Happy – Day By Day

Dogs are a joy to have in your life. When you’re not out running errands or going on adventures, they can be faithful companions as you watch TV at home, take calls from friends and family, work from home, or just hang out with them while you do nothing. But sometimes it takes more than these simple pleasures to keep dogs happy – day by day. If your pup is bored all the time or seems sad for no reason, there may be some things that need adjusting in their routine so they stay contented and stimulated! In this article we’ll talk about how to help make your dog happier every day so they don’t get too restless when left alone!

Simple tricks to Keep Your Dog’s Happy

If you live alone and are looking for a simple way to keep your dog happy, try switching up their routine. Whether it means taking them on more walks or just snuggling with them from time-to-time while they nap in the sun, there’s no better feeling than getting some extra love!

  • Play a Game of Hide & Seek

Dogs love to play, and engaging in some indoor games such as hide & seek is an easy way to make your dog happy. When you’re trying out new hiding spots with Fido, remember that they need a good stay before the game can start so enlist help from someone else if necessary!

  • Take Your Dog on a Hike

Hiking is a great way to get your dog outside, but it can be hard for some. If you’re not sure if hiking will work out, start with shorter hikes and gradually increase the distance from there. And remember: bring plenty of fresh water! Looking to give your pup more excitement? Take them on a hike at their local park or trail where they’re guaranteed an adventure that’ll keep them busy inside and out!

  • Use a Food Dispensing Toy for Your Dogs Meals

Imagine having a personal assistant at home that has one job and it’s to make your dog happy! They could play with them, give baths, feed them healthy treats…and now we even have electric treat dispensers for dogs so they get an extra mental challenge throughout the day. For me personally my favorite is the Bob-A-Lot because it can be adjusted in size depending on how much food you want to put inside or what kind of toy pieces are best suited for smaller mouths (great if you own two breeds).

  • Get a Kiddie Pool for Your Yard

A summer is a great time to get your pup outside and active. If you spend so much time with them, grab a kiddie pool for the dog’s entertainment! Dogs love splashing around in their cool water, but don’t buy anything that can be easily destroyed by nails or teeth. Rest assured though – hard plastic pools are perfect because they’re strong enough to hold up against those sharp icky things without ever tearing through it!

  • Let Your Dog Sniff on Walks

One of the simple ways you can make your dog happy is by letting them sniff on walks. Walks are about more than just physical exercise for our dogs; it’s the one time of day they get to go out and see what’s going on in their neighborhood. When we look around with our eyes, but a smell with their noses- when you stop during walks let your pet explore all that’s going on through smells instead!

  • Learn How to Give a Dog Massage

Massages are a great way to help our four-legged friends relax. They provide relief from stress and can be very relaxing for them, making it the perfect thing to do after they’ve been running around all day long with their furry friend! Not only that but massaging your dog is also a great way of helping those who have arthritis because stimulating muscles increases circulation in tissue which will relieve any pain or stiffness related issues.

  • Find a Vet You’re Comfortable With

When you’re looking for a vet, it’s important to find one that makes your dog feel at ease. If they are nervous before even stepping into the vet’s office, chances are their anxiety will increase once inside. Finding a veterinarian who is understanding and compassionate can make all of the difference in how comfortable both pet owner and animal feel during appointments- not just physically but mentally as well!

  • Give Your Dog a Job

Dogs love to work and always have a task on the go. Teaching them little jobs throughout their day can be an excellent way of fulfilling their natural desire for want they were bred for – working alongside humans! And it’s not just great mental stimulation, but also helps with teaching your dog skills that won’t require too much effort from you (like picking up sticks). So start thinking about what tasks would make both of you happy: maybe teach them how to fetch slippers or help pick things up around the house?

  • Invest in a Few Good Chew Toys

Dogs love to chew on things, and having a few sturdy chew toys can help entertain your dog during down time. Chew toys are perfect for days when you’re not feeling well; they keep them busy while you rest up. I’ll give Laika one if she’s got nothing else to do – it keeps her from bothering me when I’m sick with something in particular. 

Well-made ones will take more than the usual amount of chewing before breaking into pieces so make sure that yours is durable enough! My favorite brand is Benebones because mine has never been able to break through theirs yet. 


We hope you have enjoyed our simple tricks to keep your dog happy – day by day. The more we understand how dogs think and act, the better equipped we are to meet their needs. For example, if you want a full article on why it’s important for animals like dogs to be rewarded with food each time they do something right, please read this article from Psychology Today. Happy petting!


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