Cultivating Good Behaviour In Your New Puppy

The most crucial aspect of house training a puppy is to teach it how to remain clean in the house. Dogs are not shabby by nature – they would normally urinate and defecate away from their sleeping and feeding area. Puppies that have been raised in a shabby environment, living in cramped quarters, may be quite cumbersome to housetrain. When you purchase a puppy ensure that the original owner has provided a clean environment with separate feeding, sleeping and potty areas.

Puppies have a rapid learning rate and they can efficiently grasp what you teach them. You need to instill a sense of timing and schedule in your puppy from the day you bring it home. You can do this by feeding the puppy at the same time each day, and carrying out other activities at specific time slots. This way your puppy will grow up to be an obedient, disciplined dog.

You would not want your puppy to go inside its crate or in the house. Therefore, train it to urinate away from the crate or the house. Take it for a stroll in the lawn and voice train it, such that it adheres to your commands. Successfully housetraining your puppy would take a few weeks or so. It’s certainly not a piece of cake, and you must not reprimand your puppy if it fails to obey your command. Just place it back in the crate and then again take it for a stroll. Slowly but surely the puppy will learn how to get along with separate feeding, sleeping and potty areas.

It is imperative that you supervise at all times while housetraining you puppy. When no one is there to supervise it, the puppy must be confined to its crate. With time the puppy will learn to keep itself clean. Once it does so, you can try leaving him unfettered in a room of your house. If the puppy gleefully obeys your commands, does not depict aggressive behavior, manages to stay clean, and does not damage or soil any household stuff, you may let him stay in another room as well thereby continuing the housetraining process. However, if the puppy behaves in an unruly fashion, revert back to the previous stage of housetraining.

All the while be patient while housetraining your puppy. It’s not a cake walk, and therefore, it’s unrealistic to expect instant results.


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