Wiggly bum dog Walking.

Simple Tricks to Keep Your Dog Happy

Dogs are a joy to have in your life. When you're not out running errands or going on adventures, they can be faithful companions as you watch TV at home, take calls from friends and family, work from home, or just hang out with them while you do nothing.

Play a Game of Hide & Seek

Dogs love to play, and engaging in some indoor games such as hide & seek is an easy way to make your dog happy.

Wiggly bum dog Walking.

Dogs Scavenge Their Own Toys

Dogs are the most loyal of companions and their scavenging tendencies can be quite adorable. It’s endearing to watch them playfully search for a toy in order to entertain themselves, but what happens when they find one?

If you have a dog who has eaten its own toy, you might be wondering if it is safe or not. In this blog post we will answer that question and offer some tips on how to avoid the issue altogether!

How to Stop a Dog from Scavenging for Its Own Toys

If your dog is scavenging his or her own toys, you should try to get them engaged in interactive play with a person. You can also put some of their favorite treats on the floor and see if they are interested in playing for those instead.

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